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Whole Home Humidifiers in Livingston, MT

The region around Livingston, MT is classified as cool semi-arid. But for much of the year, “semi-arid” doesn’t sound quite right, does it? We often experience extremely dry conditions (below 30% relative humidity), and during the winter the low amounts of moisture in the air puts an unpleasant edge on the cold weather. Dry conditions create other troubles as well. Finding a way to balance humidity inside your home can make the whole year more pleasant and healthy.

A whole-house humidifier is the best way for your household to enjoy the comfort zone of “not too dry, not too humid” all around the year. Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC offers excellent HVAC services, including providing the best humidifier services you can hope for. We’re a family-owned and operated company, offer free estimates, and have technicians dedicated to doing the job right each time.

Schedule your humidifier services with our team. Big enough to serve you, small enough to care.

The Curse of Low Humidity

"The Dry Heat" is proverbial for heat that’s more tolerable. Many parts of the US would love to have our dry conditions during boiling hot summers. But arid weather causes as many problems as humid weather—and during winter chills the negative effects of low humidity are pronounced.

Dry air allows heat to escape faster from the human body because it removes the insulating layer of moisture that slows down perspiration. This is why hot days feel better in dry weather. In cold weather, however, nobody wants to rapidly lose heat from their bodies! When relative humidity falls below 30%, a cold day will seem as if it’s 8–10°F colder, forcing heating systems to work harder to compensate.

Arid conditions can also lead to an increase in the spread of illness—and we don’t only mean itchy and irritated skin and eyes. The dry air weakens the body’s defenses against infection because it dries up mucus membranes. And since low humidity allows moisture to rapidly leave other surfaces, it contributes to cracked wood furnishings and floors and peeling paint.

Lift the Curse With the Best Humidifier

You can purchase small portable humidifiers to attempt to fight against the dry air curse. But these don’t do much good, and they’re best reserved for using in an infant’s room. What a home with low humidity troubles needs is a whole–house humidifier. An IAQ professional integrates a whole–house humidifier into the ventilation system, where it uses damp pads (refilled with pumps) to add moisture into the air moving through the ducts. Through a control device known as an aquastat, the homeowner can adjust the indoor relative humidity levels to a pleasant balance, usually around 45%.

Let Us Solve Your Indoor Air Quality Concerns in Livingston, MT

Is the air in your home so dry that you’re always afraid to touch any bit of metal because of the static shock? If so, then you probably have many other troubles around the house because of low humidity. Call Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC and we’ll arrange to find the best humidifier to fix these problems. We install whole–house humidifiers and other IAQ solutions for Livingston, MT and the Yellowstone River Area. Call us today: we back up our work with guarantees because we know the quality of service we deliver.

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