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Proudly Serving the Big Timber, MT Area

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Central Air Conditioner Services in Livingston, MT

The first air conditioning systems to come into widespread use in homes were window ACs, which were invented in the 1950s. Although central air units existed, they were mostly found in industrial and commercial buildings. But as homes started to build ventilation systems with ductwork and the cost of ACs lowered, the central air conditioner became the new normal for residential cooling.

You probably have a central AC system serving your household’s summer comfort needs—or else you’re planning to have one installed. The contractor in Livingston, MT to trust with your central air units is Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC. We’re a family-owned and operated company focused on customer service and the best quality work. We offer free estimates, emergency service, and back up our work with guarantees.

Schedule your central AC services with our team. Big enough to serve you, small enough to care.

Split Air Conditioner Installation

The standard central air conditioner is known as a split system because of its layout: an outdoor unit (the condenser) where the refrigerant is compressed and heat released, and an indoor unit (the evaporator) where heat is removed from the air and the blower in an air handler sends the conditioned air through the ductwork to the rooms.

Central air units improve on window units in numerous ways. It only takes a single system to provide cooling all around the house, and most of the noisy components are stored outdoors. They don’t block up windows and they perform at much higher energy efficiency levels. The central AC has become the standard for residential living for good reason.

Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance in Livingston, MT

If you’re one of the many homeowners who enjoys central cooling, you want to ensure your air conditioner has a long lifespan. An early replacement is one of the costliest services you may need! To ensure you receive the best from your central AC, keep our number handy. We provide repair work, any time of the day or night. Never hesitate to call when you suspect your central air unit is acting up, because the quicker the trouble is fixed, the easier and smaller it will usually be.

We strongly recommend our customers sign up for annual maintenance for their cooling systems. There is no better way to prolong an air conditioner’s service life, protect its energy efficiency, and reduce the amount of repairs it needs than with a spring maintenance tune–up and inspection.

Your Central AC Experts for Livingston, MT

Not all contractors believe in the power of routine maintenance—but it’s vital to us. Providing maintenance is part of our dedication to customer satisfaction and working as more than tradesmen. We’re also craftsmen—people who put in the time and training to master a trade—and we want to deliver only the best work for our customers. When you need a central AC installation, replacement, repair, or maintenance visit in Livingston, MT or the surrounding areas, trust Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC. Our fully–stocked trucks are ready to come to your assistance and get the job done right the first time.

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