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Radiant Heating Services in Livingston, MT

The most common type of home heating systems are furnaces, which are forced-air heaters. These heaters blow their conditioned air through ducts or blower units in rooms to deliver warmth around a space. This is not the only method for home heating, however. The best alternate option is radiant heating, which is the heat coming from radiators, baseboard heaters, in-floor heating, and other elements connected to a hydronic boiler.

Not all HVAC contractors in Livingston, MT, and the Yellowstone River Area provide service for radiant heating. Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC does. In fact, working with hydronic boilers is one of our specialties. We’re family-owned and operated, offer free estimates, and have a team of certified technicians to see you receive only the best service for your radiant heater.

Schedule your radiant heating services with our team. Big enough to serve you, small enough to care.

Radiant Heating Power

Radiant heating is one of three types of ways heat moves. The other two are conduction and convection. A forced–air heating system such as a furnace uses convection heating—the transfer of heat through the movement of air. A radiant heater system, as the name spells out, uses radiant heat—the transfer of heat from one object to another without warming the space between. A radiant heater in a home sends hot water to a terminal point, such as a baseboard heater or radiator, and raises its temperature. Heat then radiates off this object to warm the room.

Although there are some radiant heating systems that use electric heating elements, the majority use hot water (hydronic heating).

The Benefits of a Radiant Heater

Furnaces are popular, but radiant heating systems compete closely with them. Here are a few reasons why radiant heaters remain common choices for homes.

  • Even heating spread: Radiant heating emanates from baseboards and floorboards in an even spread, rather than letting the heat collect at the ceiling the way many forced–air systems do. This means lasting, better comfort.
  • Longer system life: Hydronic heating systems tend to have longer lifespans than other types of heaters thanks to the smaller number of moving parts. (Yes, this means fewer repair problems as well.)
  • Cleaner heat: A forced–air system blows dust and other airborne contaminants around, often contributing to poor indoor air quality. The heat from a radiant system is far cleaner—and this can make a huge difference for people with asthma and allergies.
  • Superior comfort: This is subjective, but the warmth from a radiant heating system simply feels better. This is especially true for in–floor heating systems, which give you toasty warmth under your feet on a cold morning.

Arrange for Radiant Heating Services in Livingston, MT

No matter if you are looking to use in–floor heating in your new home or you want to schedule annual maintenance for a boiler, trust Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC with all your services. We’re specialists with hydronic boilers, and we keep up to date with the best emerging technology in radiant heaters.

We take immense pride in the work we perform, and we empower our employees to always do what’s best for our customers in Livingston, MT and elsewhere without skimping on quality. We believe strongly in maintenance programs so our clients enjoy energy–saving comfort and dependability.

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