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Proudly Serving the Big Timber, MT Area

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Draft Beer Systems in Livingston, MT

Serving beer on tap is one of the most basic services customers expect from a bar. It’s important for other types of food-service companies as well. If serving beer is a crucial part of your establishment, then it’s equally crucial you don’t take the draft beer system responsible for its delivery for granted. These systems are complex pieces of refrigeration and pump equipment, and failure to have them properly installed, maintained, and repaired can not only lead to poor beverage service and irritated customers, it may create health code violations.

Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC has commercial refrigeration experts on staff to help ensure your business isn’t stuck with a problem-causing draft beer system. You don’t have to look 50 miles away to find a contractor to meet your needs—we’re right here serving Livingston, MT and the surrounding areas! Arrange for service with us today or for a free estimate.

Schedule your draft beer system services with our team. Big enough to serve you, small enough to care.

Installation and Replacement for Draft Beer Systems

You can’t look at an online catalogue of commercial refrigeration equipment, then point to a draft beer system and say, "Yeah, let’s go with this one." This isn’t a plug–and–play appliance! No commercial refrigeration system is, but the complexity of draft beer systems makes them trickier than most to install. You must leave the installation work to experienced commercial refrigeration technicians. You’ll feel much more at ease knowing the job was done correctly from the start.

The same applies to replacing an older draft beer system that no longer meets your standard or those of your customers. When it’s time for a change, bring in the knowledgeable commercial experts so the work goes fast and there are no hitches to cause future trouble.

Repairs and Maintenance for Draft Beer Systems

What can go wrong with a draft beer system? Plenty, unfortunately—even a system professionally installed and carefully maintained can run into operational trouble, such as a failed pump. There are numerous components in even a small draft beer system, such as taps, storage kegs, thermostats, lines, gas blenders, and the refrigeration equipment. It takes experienced technicians familiar with these parts to provide precision repairs if anything goes wrong.

Maintenance is essential—and not only to help stop those repair issues. Maintenance keeps the lines clean and the other parts in the right balance so the system works up to your expectations and the expectations of the Department of Health. You can speak to our team members to find out about our commercial refrigeration maintenance programs.

The Experts for Your Commercial Refrigeration in Livingston, MT

Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC is a family–owned and operated contractor serving Livingston, MT with heating, cooling, and commercial refrigeration. We aim to provide the finest service to all our customers, and we do that by putting pride into our work. We’re more than tradesmen—we’re craftsmen, which means we only want to do service that we can feel proud of. This applies to all the jobs we do, including installation and more for draft beer systems.

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