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Proudly Serving the Big Timber, MT Area

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Boiler Services in Livingston, MT

When searching for an HVAC contractor for heating service in Livingston, MT or elsewhere in the Yellowstone River Area, you might be dismayed to discover that not all of them work with boiler systems. If you use a boiler for your winter home comfort, this lack of service can be a big problem!

However, you’ve come to the right place for boiler service, in-floor hydronic heating, repairs for radiators, etc. Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC is a family-owned and operated local HVAC company that specializes in working with boilers. This includes new installations, replacements, repairs, and routine maintenance. We offer free estimates, 24-hour emergency service, and some of the most knowledgeable technicians around.

Schedule your boiler services with our team. Big enough to serve you, small enough to care.

Why Boiler Systems Are Excellent for Home Heating

The furnace is the most common type of heater found in homes. So why do we make such an effort to provide service for boiler systems? Because we know how well hydronic heating (heating using water) works and the benefits of using either a boiler with radiators or in–floor heating. Here are a few of the advantages:

  • Longevity: Because hydronic systems contain few moving parts, they tend to outlast forced–air systems like furnaces.
  • Fewer repairs: Fewer moving parts also means fewer repair concerns—provided the boiler system has regular professional maintenance.
  • Efficiency: Water transfers heat more efficiently than air, so a boiler can lower the amount of energy needed to keep a house warm through winter compared to a furnace.
  • Cleaner heat: The heat from in–floor pipes or radiators doesn’t carry dust and dirt with it the way heat blown through ducts does.
  • Better comfort: The radiant heating a boiler creates just feels better than forced–air heat.

Boiler Repairs and Regular Maintenance

We are strong proponents of routine maintenance programs—something not all HVAC contractors are. We want our customers to enjoy all the benefits of a boiler listed above, and that requires regular maintenance service. Not only is maintenance good for the boiler, it’s good for allowing us to get to know a customer’s heating equipment so we can provide the best service on every job.

Maintenance can’t prevent all repair needs, however. When you have a boiler that isn’t operating as it should (or isn’t running at all), call on one of our repair experts. All our technicians arrive in fully–stocked trucks to take care of problems right the first time.

Full Boiler Service From the Livingston, MT Professionals

The secret to our success in HVAC is that we’re more than tradesmen. We’re craftsmen who are never satisfied with just doing the job. We want to stand back after the work is finished and feel pride in the results. You’ll appreciate our thoroughness, skill, and dedication to your complete satisfaction.

As we mentioned above, working with boilers is a job that has special importance to us, and you won’t find it everywhere in the Livingston, MT, area. Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC will take care of all your boiler and other hydronic heating needs.

Big Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Care

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