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Proudly Serving the Big Timber, MT Area

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Heat Pump Services in Livingston, MT

The heat pump is a two-in-one comfort system. During the hot weather, a heat pump works as a powerful air conditioner. When the cold weather of winter arrives, it works as an efficient heater. Thanks to advances in HVAC technology, heat pumps have become more viable for home comfort, and many households in Livingston, MT, have discovered the benefits of a heat pump installation.

If you’re curious about using a heat pump system for your year-round comfort, talk to Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC. We offer heat pump maintenance, installation, and repairs. We also offer hybrid heat dual fuel system services—combinations of furnaces and heat pumps. For free estimates and to schedule service, call us today.

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How a Heat Pump System Works

A heat pump works on a basic principle: an air conditioning system capable of operating in reverse, so instead of moving heat from the inside of a house to the outside, it brings heat from the outside to the inside. Using a component called the reversing valve, a heat pump can switch the direction in which refrigerant circulates through the coils, and this switches the system between heating and cooling modes.

If you have a professional heat pump installation, you’ll not only enjoy comfort all year, you’ll save money on your heating costs compared to an electric furnace. A heat pump only consumes electricity to move heat, not generate it, and this makes a heat pump three to four times more energy efficient than other electric heaters.

Dual Fuel Systems for the Worst Chills

You may have noticed in the above description that a heat pump works in heating mode by drawing heat from the air outside. How can it do this when the air outside is cold (because you won’t be running the heat pump in heating mode on a hot day)?

The answer is there is always some heat available, no matter the low temperature. However, a heat pump system can lose efficiency in extreme cold conditions. This is where using a dual fuel heat pump (aka a hybrid heat pump or hybrid dual fuel system) comes in. A hybrid heat pump has a backup furnace, which usually runs on propane, to step in and take up the slack when the heap pump starts to lose efficiency. Our technicians can help you decide if a dual fuel system is a good match for your house.

Heat Pump Maintenance and Heat Pump Repair in Livingston, MT

We take pride in the work we do at Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC, so it’s not enough for us to ensure a home has a quality heat pump installation. We want to provide the heat pump maintenance to see it performs at peak condition for year after year, for many years to come. When it’s time for heat pump repairs—and maintenance can’t prevent them all—you can summon us 24 hours a day to help. Our technicians are NATE–certified and empowered to do what’s right for the customer on each job.

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