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Proudly Serving the Big Timber, MT Area

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Ice Machines in Livingston, MT

Hard water can often be a problem for the plumbing systems in homes and businesses. But there’s one type of “hard water” that businesses—mostly food-service ones—welcome. And that’s ice. Ice is the secret ingredient for taking drinks to the next level, and customers in bars and restaurants expect ice as a part of any beverage service. That ice doesn’t come from trays placed into the freezer. It comes from commercial ice machines capable of providing a steady supply of ice cubes, shavings, flakes, and other shapes.

To arrange for the installation of a new ice machine, or to schedule service to maintain or repair a current one, turn to Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC. We offer quality commercial refrigeration to Livingston, MT and the surrounding areas. Our technicians are ready to come to your assistance 24 hours a day, and we back up all our work with guarantees.

Schedule your ice machine services with our team. Big enough to serve you, small enough to care.

How Ice of Us! We Install Ice Machines

Is an ice machine in the plans for your new business? Are you expanding to a new location and want to ensure you have ice machines of the same quality as the ones you already have? No matter the reason you’re in the market for a commercial ice–maker, the first step is calling a commercial refrigeration specialist to help you select the new unit(s). Ice machines come in different bin capacities and vary in the amount of ice they can freeze over an hour/day. Our team will help you end up with the best new ice machines.

If you already have ice machines, but they’ve been in service for too long or can’t meet your burgeoning demand, we can replace them with new units that exceed your expectations. Trust us to work fast so your company doesn’t miss out on the ice production it needs.

Don’t Let Business Freeze: We Offer Ice Machine Repairs and Maintenance

You may not realize how much work your ice machine does, but it contains crucial components (a compressor and mechanical parts to dispense ice cubes) that wear down over time and can fail. Even the best–built ice machine may break down or stop providing the amount of ice your business requires. If you notice smaller cubes, fewer cubes, or a stopped compressor, call our technicians for repairs. We’ll arrive ready to solve the problem.

We’re strong believers in maintenance programs, and we advise all our customers to sign up for routine inspections and tune–ups for their commercial refrigeration equipment. The ice machine needs regular service to help it run its best: it’s no different than a powerful air conditioning system in this way.

The Ice Machine Service You Need in Livingston, MT

Don’t allow shoddy or amateur commercial refrigeration service to lead to a busted or inferior ice machine in your business. You don’t have to look to a distant city to find ice machine service you can count on, whether repairs or installations. Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC delivers quality work—we guarantee it. We’re family–owned and operated and take pride in all the jobs we do because we’re more than tradesmen, we’re craftsmen. Call today for commercial refrigeration service.

Big Enough to Serve You, Small Enough to Care

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