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Indoor Air Quality Services in Livingston, MT

One of the biggest health concerns facing homes in the US is low indoor air quality. It’s common to think of air pollution as something that only happens outside. But the reality is the air inside homes and commercial building often tests at four to five times worse compared to the outside. In the Yellowstone River Area, where homes are often sealed against extreme weather for whole seasons, the concentration of air pollutants building up inside a house can turn air quality unhealthfully low.

To find solutions to IAQ issues in your home in Livingston, MT or the surrounding areas, partner with Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC. We aim to provide the finest service for fifty miles in all directions, and this includes offering homeowners the best indoor air quality systems. We guarantee our work and offer free estimates, so call today to learn more about our IAQ improvements.

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The Trouble With Indoor Air Quality Today

Why has poor air quality turned into such a national problem? One reason is homes are built too well today. To make homes as energy efficient as possible and to retain a strong thermal envelope, they’re constructed with insulation to prevent heat loss and heat gain. But this also prevents fresh air circulation, allowing contaminants from indoor sources to build up.

That’s the other half of the problem: there are more products inside homes than ever before creating potentially harmful gases and volatile organic compounds. Add these new threats to the already standard dust, lint, dander, pollen, and dust mites and you have a recipe for stale and unhealthful air in a home.

Air Quality Systems Offer Answers

Do you just throw open your home’s windows and doors to combat this air quality trouble? Maybe on a few days—but not during the winter or summer! The best path toward healthier, more comfortable indoor air is with IAQ products. Our professionals offer a range of options:

  • Humidifiers: We have arid conditions in the Yellowstone River Area, and this dryness makes winter cold worse and can trigger health troubles. A whole–house humidifier balances the relative humidity indoors to solve these troubles.
  • Air purifiers and filters: These are the basic ways to approach removing unwanted particles from circulation around a house. The combination of the right strength of filter and right type of purifier can remove more than 99% of harmful pollutants from the HVAC system.
  • Heat and energy recovery ventilators: Think of these air quality systems as a way to draw fresh air into a house—without affecting the work of the heater or air conditioner.
  • Duct cleaning: Not an air quality system—but duct cleaning can have a beneficial effect on air quality as it solves other HVAC problems.

The Indoor Air Quality Professionals for Livingston, MT

Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC is in business to provide comfortable and pleasant living spaces for our customers. Caring for their indoor air quality—from balancing humidity to wiping out organic pollutants—is an important part of what we do. You can count on our skilled technicians: we empower them to always do what’s right for the customer. Whatever you need for a better home environment in Livingston, MT, put your trust in our team.

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