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Proudly Serving the Big Timber, MT Area

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Duct Testing and Sealing in Livingston, MT

How much of the ductwork in your home can you see? Unless you went with an industrial design for your house, the answer is probably, “Almost none of it.” This makes it difficult to tell when the ducts develop air leaks—and unfortunately, this is a common problem in ventilation systems. Leaky air ducts cause many problems for a home, but they can be located and fixed thanks to professional duct testing and sealing.

You can find these services in Livingston, MT and the surrounding areas when you call Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC. We have fully licensed and highly trained technicians empowered to deliver the best work for all our customers. If you suspect ductwork troubles, arrange for duct testing and sealing today with our team.

Schedule your duct testing and sealing services with our team. Big enough to serve you, small enough to care.

How to Tell It’s Time for Duct Testing

The purpose of duct testing is to measure how well a home’s ventilation system retains air pressure. When the pressure rapidly drops during the test, it indicates a high number of air leaks and tells the HVAC professionals what work they need to do. But—how can you tell if you need to call for testing in the first place?

There a few signs that will alert you to leaky duct problems:

  • The AC or furnace short–cycles, i.e. turns on and off more than three times an hour. This can mean the ventilation system is rapidly losing air.
  • Your utility bills are rising even though you aren’t using more heating or cooling than normal. Up to 30% of the air in the ventilation system can vanish through leaks, which is air you already paid to heat/cool.
  • Heating and cooling around the house is uneven, probably because leaks in the ducts are preventing conditioned air from reaching certain rooms.

We also recommend duct testing as a routine service done every five years. If you’ve never had the ducts in your home tested, scheduling the work can help catch places where you house is wasting energy.

Professional Duct Sealing

Sealing ducts isn’t something anybody can do as long as they have the will and a fat roll of duct tape from the local hardware store. Duct sealing is a job for professionals who have the finest equipment available—and duct tape isn’t one of the tools they use! (Duct tape is misnamed: it’s good for almost anything except ducts.)

Once professionals have completed duct testing and gauged the scope of the trouble in the ventilation system, they’ll use mastic sealant and metallic tapes to make the ducts airtight once more. They’ll test the ducts afterwards to ensure the sealing was done correctly and the home has a top–notch HVAC system again.

We’re Dedicated Duct Professionals for Livingston, MT

At Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC, we take pride in the work we do and the skill of our technicians. We’re true craftsmen who put the best effort into any job because we know this is the way to deliver customer satisfaction. We invest in the most advanced equipment, so our technicians can always provide the highest quality work—quality we back up with guarantees. When you’re looking to have your ducts tested and repaired in Livingston, MT or the surrounding areas, turn to us.

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