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Proudly Serving the Big Timber, MT Area

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Commercial Geothermal in Livingston, MT

Geothermal energy is a fast-growing option for commercial businesses looking to improve their heating and cooling while also saving energy and helping the environment. The geothermal heat pump (also known as a ground-source heat pump) provides cooling and heating around the year at a lower energy cost when compared to conventional packaged rooftop units and other types of commercial heating and cooling systems.

You may feel hesitant about exploring the options to go geothermal with your business in Livingston, MT. Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC would like to help you: we install, repair, replace, and maintain geothermal heat pumps in Livingston, MT and throughout the Yellowstone River Area. We guarantee our work and offer free estimates: simply call us today to schedule your appointment for the finest in local commercial geothermal service.

Schedule your commercial geothermal services with our team. Big enough to serve you, small enough to care.

The Benefits of Commercial Geothermal Heat Pumps

A ground–source heat pump works similarly to a conventional (air–source) heat pump: circulating refrigerant between indoor and outdoor coils to either bring heat into a building or remove it. The difference with a geothermal system is the outdoor coils are ground loops buried in the earth 6 to 10’ below the frost line. The geothermal unit uses the heat of the ground to carry out heat exchange.

This is beneficial because the temperature of the earth at this depth remains stable, around 50°F, no matter the temperatures above. This lowers the amount of work the heat pump must do to extract heat in the winter (when temperatures topside are often below freezing) and deposit it during the summer. On average, a commercial geothermal heat pump can operate at 3 to 4 times greater efficiency than standard commercial HVAC systems.

Other benefits include system longevity (the ground loops can last for more than 50 years) and a reduced environmental impact. Although geothermal heat pumps cost more to install initially, they have a short payback period.

Can Geothermal Heating and Cooling Work for My Business?

This is the big question, and it’s the reason many companies are reluctant to venture out to explore the options for commercial geothermal heating and cooling. A ground–source heat pump must use buried loops, and this requires extra space. Not all commercial buildings can meet the space requirements. However, you may be surprised at the flexibility of loop configurations. With both horizontal and vertical loop configurations, geothermal installers can offer geothermal energy to more businesses than ever before. Call our commercial HVAC professionals to find out if your commercial space can be outfitted to benefit from geothermal energy.

Complete Geothermal Services for Livingston, MT

At Cross Winds Heating and Cooling LLC, we offer the full range of jobs necessary for great commercial geothermal: installing new systems, replacing aging ones, repairs any time of the day or night, and regular maintenance. We stress that last one, since we understand how vital routine maintenance is for getting the longest and most efficient service life from any commercial HVAC unit.

We’re a family–owned and operated company, and all our technicians put pride into their work. Our guarantees reflect this. We’re more than tradesmen—we’re craftsmen.

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